HP Designjet and Latex Printers Spare Parts

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Part Number Description
B4H70-67025 Line sensor assembly
B4H70-67018 Carriage Flex Cables
B4H70-67035  Web Wipe Motor SERV
B4H70-67037 Main PSU 64 Serv
B4H70-67038 Engine PC board assembly
B4H70-67040 Heater Control Serv
B4H70-67046 Printmech PCA Serrv
B4H70-67050 Formatter PCA Serv
B4H70-67055 Air Curtain PZ Heating PCA Serv
B4H70-67080 Media Presence Sensor
B4H70-67100 Pinch Wheel Lever ASSY SERV
B4H70-67085 Impinging Module v2 w/o Fans 64 S
B4H70-67101 Complete Pinch Wheel Assy 64 Serv
B4H70-67115 Lan PCA Serv
B4H70-67131 Broken Bag fixing Tools Serv
B4H70-67138 SRK 64
B4H70-67140 Pressure Sensor and Valve WC
B4H70-67155 LX30 CR SSD 2.5SIN 16GB SERV
C7770-60014 Belt 42 Hydra SVC
CH538-67018 Belt ASSY Includes Belt Tensioner
CH538-67033 Single Sheet Sensor
CH538-67040 Preventive maintenance kit 2 service station
CH538-67074 New Center Support  SV
CH955-67007 Cutter Assy Serv ROHS
CR357-67004 Mercury  Pinch Wheel ASS Serv
CR357-67010 Starwheel Motor Assembly
CR357-67011 Overdrive assembly
CR357-67046 Power Supply Unit Assembly
CR357-67072 Preventive Maintenance Kit
CQ109-67007 Service station cabler
CQ105-67050 DC APS ASSY Serv
CQ109-67003 Aerosol Fan Assy Serv
CQ109-67004 Belt and Tensioner Assembly MR SERV 42
CQ109-67011 Carriage Ass (W/O PCA and SOL)
CQ109-67034 Carriage PCA Serv
CQ109-67050 PSU MR ES2 Slower Fan Speed In
CQ109-67051 HDD Cable Brdige PCA With Holder
CQ111-67006 Spindle – For 60-inch Plotters
CQ869-67072 Belt and Tensioner With Meltal
CQ869-67075 Carriage Shutdown Service 2
CQ869-67077 Synthetic oil
CQ890-67089 AmpXL 5V Power Supply SV
CK837-67001 Carriage latch
F9A30-67063 Candela Carriage Motor
F9A30-67068 Belt Pulley 36-inch
Q1251-60258 Air Pressurization System (APS)
Q1253-60066 Carriage belt – 60-inch
Q1273-60079 Media Presence Sensor Serv
Q6651-60039 Sol Assy Serv
Q6651-60066 Pinchwheel Kit
Q6651-60081 Lubrication Felts Kit Serv
Q6651-60270 Optical media advance sensor
Q6651-60297 Line sensor assembly
Q6651-60319 Pinchwheel Lever ASSY Serv
Q6651-60335 Setup Printhead Kit
Q6651-60337 Carriage Assembly Flex Cables
Q6652-60108 Media-axis motor
Q6652-60128 Scan-axis motor assembly
Q6652-60148 Encorder Strip Sensor Serv 60
Q6718-67017 Starwheel Motor SVC
MOE29-67013 Engine PCA Serv
MOE29-67007 Printzone Fan Assy Storm Serv
MOE29-67016 SSD 32GB Strom Serv
MOE29-67025 Pinch Wheel Storm Serv
MOE29-67031 Rewinder Motor W/Gears Storm Serv
MOE29-67034 Left Input Module Assy Storm Serv
MOE29-67034 Left Input Module Assy Storm Serv
MOE29-67046 Dancer Arm  Right Assy Storm Serv
MOE29-67047 Fan Heater Assy Storm Serv
MOE29-67049 Curing Petrie PCA Strom Serv
MOE29-67057 Hot Flux Fan Strom Serv
MOE29-67065 Right MIMO Cover Assy Serv
MOE29-67068 Left Brake Assy Serv
MOE29-67070 Interconnect PCA Serv


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