HP Latex 570 Printer (N2G70A)

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Sustain high productivity on speed, easy operation

  • Load rolls in one minute or less with the spindle less pivot table and automatic skew adjustment
  • Respond fast with quality—up to 23 m2/hr (248 ft2/hr) indoor quality mode
  • Run unattended—print 100-m (328-ft) length SAV rolls with heavy roll support up to 55 kgs (121 lbs)
  • Balance production and distribute jobs across your HP Latex fleet with color emulation capabilities

Get vivid color and consistent quality overtime

  • Produce highly saturated prints with upto 50% more ink density,3  using vivid print modes
  • Print colors right the first time with the i1 embedded spectrometer and HP Custom Substrate Profiling
  • Consistent, day-one image quality over time—native 1200 dpi, user changes printheads, auto nozzle replacement
  • Handle robust tiling applications with consistent colors to <= 2 and +/- 1 mm/m length accuracy

Manage your fleet easily and cost effectively

  • Reduce expense with cost-effective 3-liter HP Latex ink cartridges that can be changed while the printer runs
  • Integrate this printer into your larger fleet management system with the HP printer internal development kit
  • Control your fleet from afar—status beacon signals issues, HP Latex Mobile app provides remote monitoring
  • Plan production in advance, optimize supplies usage, and save time—utilities predict how much ink is needed


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